Vision & Mission


Our vision is to achieve excellence in our academic programmes and inculcate in the students skills & values which enable them to succeed professionally and personally.College believes in continuing the tradition of working for Education, peace and empowering Students.
  • To increase the number of educators and scholars committed to creating opportunities for educational excellence and equity for all learners, in particular those from rural areas, and to enhance academic achievement at every level.
  • To strengthen and intensify the culture of scholarship among Education faculty and build up the spirit of teamwork and collaboration with colleagues from diverse areas of specialization across the campus as well as the state.
  • To develop a sustained, comprehensive, and coherent program of research in support of student learning across linguistically and culturally diverse settings.
  College encourages the spirit of service & participation.We believe in working towards a just and equitable society.Providing a friendly, inclusive, learning environment where all take pride in learning and achievement.


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